How to join

All Members of the European Parliament are invited to participate in the activities of the Forum. A large number of MEPs are active in Forum events, and these select the members of the Steering Committee, currently composed of 20 MEPs from the EPP, ECR, Greens, RE and S&D groups.

45 Financial Industry Members

Currently there are 45 Financial Industry Members, consisting of a wide range of leading players (both associations and individual institutions) in the European financial services industry. Financial Industry Members subscribe to the objectives of the Forum, in particular supporting the establishment of a single integrated European market for financial services, carry on the business of providing financial services or be an industry body representative of such organizations, be incorporated or have a place of business in the EU or EFTA, and be capable of meeting on a continuing basis all obligations of membership.

How to join

Organisations wishing to join must send a letter of application to the Chairman of the Financial Industry Members, which should include the following information:

  • description of the candidate’s activities;
  • written statement signed by the person responsible within the candidate organization that it complies with the objectives of the Forum and the obligations of membership

Membership is effective as of the month following a decision to accept an application, or any other date as agreed with the candidate organisation.

Non-Member Attendance Policy

As there are limitations of space at Forum events Members of the European Parliament have priority rights of attendance, followed by members of the Financial Industry Committee, Others who are not Members of the European Parliament or members of the Financial Industry Committee may still be eligible to attend Forum events, but they will be limited to no more than two meetings per institution per year.

The Forum reserves the right, managed by the Chair of the Financial Industry Members, to admit individuals to attend additional meetings where either they are invited as speakers or there are certain exceptional circumstances justifying their attendance. It is, of course, open to organisations or individuals which wish to attend EPFSF briefings and luncheons on a regular basis, to apply for full Financial Industry membership.

Participate in the activities of the Forum